About Ashiatsu Massage

NOW OFFERING ASHIATSU MASSAGE by Certified LMP and Ashiatsu Therapist Natasha Wright.

Ashiatsu Massage also known as barefoot massage, utilizes gravity to perform deep compressive body work, applying pressure using the heel of the foot, arch and plantar surface. This massage modality allows the practitioner to perform deeper work, over a larger surface area, with less discomfort for the client. With the use of bars for stability, the therapist is able to apply up to 100% of their bodyweight when applying pressure.

This form of deep tissue massage is beneficial for improving flexibility, chronic pain, stress reduction, and a deeper sense of relaxation, discomfort, while experiencing deep tissue work.

60 minute ~ $95
90 minute ~ $140

Treatment begins with aromatic steam inhalation, and hot towel compress on neck, back and shoulders, followed by a moist heat pad to prime the upper body for deep tissue work. This full body treatment will be tailored to the clients needs at time of service, assessed by a comprehensive consultation with LMP Natasha Wright prior to any treatment work being performed. Treatment ends with a calming scalp massage, and a 5 minute decompression time following Ashiatsu body work.

Note: Ashiatsu massage is not for every-body, please read carefully the list of contraindications.

*Pregnant or trying to conceive
*Contagious skin disorders
*Implants within nine months-breast, pectoral, gluteal, calf
*Thrombosis, aneurysm, varicose veins
*Acute liver kidney and urinary disorders
*Recent bowel, inguinal or abdominal hernia surgery
*Acute inflammatory conditions, such as active phlebitis, cellulitis, lupus or limes
*Persons on blood thinners, such as Coumadin, Lovenox
*Uncontrolled high/low blood pressure or heart condition
*Any recent (acute) injuries, accidents, surgeries within the last 6 weeks
*AIDS, Hodgkin's, Cancer, Leukemia
*Recent injection, cosmetic or steroid
*Hemophilia, any condition where blood clots can occur
*Severe diabetes
*Rib fracture, Osteoporosis
*Spinal surgeries that involve pins, plates, rods
*Stents, shunts, pacemakers

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